🥊Boss Fights

Bosses  —  Earn big, Earn Fast!

These creatures pose a great threat to the survival of the Kingdom of ANTS, and to incentivize brave ANTS to fight them, the Kingdom offers a generous bounty.

There are five different bosses that roam the Kingdom, each with its own level requirements. To participate in a boss fight, assign your ANT and stake ANTC for a chance to earn a high APY for 30 days.

Catepillar | Level 5 Snail | Level 10 Beetle | Level 18 Snake | Level 25 Anteater | Level 40

A boss that your ANT will challenge is chosen randomly among all the bosses your ANT meets the level requirements to challenge. After the fight is over you get your ANT back, but it's levels are drained all the way to level 1.

You can leave the fight at anytime but, If you leave the boss fight early, you will incur a penalty of 15% of the staked ANTC, which will be burned and lose all the earned rewards. However, your ANT will not lose any levels.

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