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Speed up your journey in the Kingdom of ANTS

In-game Shop

In the Kingdom of ANTS, ANTS can use $SOL to purchase a variety of in-game assets from the Kingdom SHOP to accelerate their progress. All purchases made in the shop go back to benefit the Kingdom.


Every time a Basic ANT, a Leveling potion, a Purse, or a Lottery ticket is bought the $SOL used is distributed as follows:

ยท Cover ongoing expenses: 20%

ยท Treasury: 60%

ยท Buyback + Burn of $ANTC: 20%

Our mechanism allows us to build the treasury, while also reducing the circulating supply of $ANTC. This means we don't have to sell foundation tokens to cover expenses, which enables us to use them for better purposes.

Typically, similar projects use their main token and swap them for stablecoins, then create LP tokens for liquidity. This creates unnecessary selling pressure. We avoid this by using our bonding treasury system to generate the necessary LP tokens without affecting the token's price.

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