Token Stats

  • Name: ANT Coin

  • Symbol: $ANTC

  • Initial minted supply at launch: 100 000 000

  • Initial circulating supply at launch:

  • Launch price goal: $0.05

How to buy $ANTC?

  • Private Sale

  • Public Sale IDO

  • Market: Using the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) & CEX

$ANTC Supply

$ANTC supply hard cap is 200 000 000. Its supply fluctuates when:

  • $ANTC is minted and distributed as rewards for Workforce or Boss fights.

  • $ANTC is burned when fees are received from Leveling ground, Food gathering, Tasks, or in-game assets (Basic ANT, Purse, Leveling potion, and Lottery Ticket) are purchased.

100% of $ANTC received from fees will be burned. 20% of assets received from in-game purchases and ANT purchases are used to buy back $ANTC, which is then burned. Another 60% is directed towards the treasury, while the remaining 20% covers ongoing ecosystem expenses. This approach eliminates the need to sell $ANTC to fund marketing activities, thus preventing selling pressure on the token.

Moreover, 40% of the funds that flow into the treasury are utilized to acquire more LP tokens, while the remaining 60% is invested in blue-chip assets, providing stability and sustainability to the protocol.

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