ANT Workforce —for those who don’t want to pay much attention

You can set your ANT to work as an “automated zombie” to earn interest based on your ANT level. You can "unstake" your ANT at any time.

The default base APY is 0% (you only earn APY based on your ANT level reward %)

Worker ANTS has a 5% base APY.

Example: you assign your level 22 Worker ANT into the workforce and stake 50 000 $ANTC. You will earn 29.3% (ANT level reward %) + 5% (because Worker ANT advantage) = 34.3%. You leave your ANT in the workforce for 3 years. After 3 years, you have earned 51 740 $ANTC on top of your initial 50 000 $ANTC, but remember assigning your ANT to the workforce has consequences; your ANT will need to retire. No worries, you won’t lose your ANT completely; you will get it back, but it's level 1, ready for duty!

Maximum stake: 50 000 $ANTC

Maximum time to stake: 3 years

You will get back the same ANT you had, but its levels will be drained all the way to level 1.

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