High-Yielding GamiFied DeFI Platform
“To everything, there is a season and a time for everything under heaven.”
For all you future ANTS, the time has finally arrived! Get ready for everything you need to know about (drumroll, please) the Kingdom of ANTS! This Gitbook will reveal everything you need to know about the Kingdom of Ants. Let’s get started!


For the last three years, Decentralized Finance, better known as DeFi, has grown exponentially, being a top investor option. Unfortunately, there are challenges of importance to investors, preventing them from engaging with this phenomenon. The most prominent is; the barrier to entry is staggeringly high for most retail investors. While DeFi has a long way to go before mainstream adoption, we plan to help onboard as many people as possible via our plan-to-earn fantasy game.


The Kingdom of Ants has been designed from the ground up to be a high-yield DeFi protocol currently in development. We've built upon Olympus DAO PCV, also known as protocol-controlled value and Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL), to ensure Kingdom of Ants owns the assets in our smart contracts. We intend to build a treasury of assets, providing a realistic sense of value to users' tokens. Match that with hearty tokenomics, high-ranking APYs, traditional game theory, and a new way for protocols to bootstrap.


In alignment with our vision of making DeFi easier for the public, we use a concept called DeFi as a service, commonly known as DaaS. By doing so, we have made it easier for users to make money on their crypto by handling the technical aspects of yield farming. Via our platform, make a one-time investment, and the protocol takes care of all the hard work, reallocating the incentives to holders utilizing the yield in their token.


Our mission is to create, develop, and provide a more reliable and easier-to-use DeFi protocol. So we stepped back from all the white noise, such as whether we're in a bull/bear market, and focused on building robust tokenomics. Next, we had to consider which behaviours to reward, which to limit, and which are sustainable.
Too often, protocols use fancy terminology to sound smarter than they are. Naturally, this misleads the protocol and equally important: its users. By focusing on Gamification, we can easily spark users' interest, lower the barriers to entry, and use simple and easy-to-grasp ideas to engage users in a fun, entertaining way.
This is the reason we have faith in gamification. It’s a way to ignite a spark of interest, lower the barriers to entry, and use simple terms and easy-to-grasp mental models to engage users in an entertaining way.


Unrealistic and unsustainable APYs beg the question: is it too good to be true? The term APY often seen in DeFi, allows you to calculate how your crypto investment will grow over time. For retail investors, it is easy to stumble across projects offering up to 1000% returns on staking opportunities. Even though it sounds unbelievable, it doesn’t prevent protocols from amassing millions of dollars in liquidity (total value locked). But think about it: does it make any sense? The problem with such gimmicks is it devalues the token substantially.
The truth behind protocols that publicize super-high yields is they're unlikely to keep them at those advertised levels for long. In some cases, the numbers staggeringly drop in just a week! Instead, we are building a stable, transparent treasury with clear-cut metrics. Offering an easy-to-access DAPP, with clear explanations surrounding the data, will play a critical role in bettering our community's understanding of how to earn rewards using our yield-bearing pools.
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